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You need care, too. Discover self-care tips from an expert.

You have dedicated your career to providing skillful, compassionate care for patients and their families. But who is taking care of you? A healthy approach begins by caring for yourself.

Presented Tuesday, October 4. 1 p.m., EDT.

Invest in Facebook Ads (Sponsored Posts) to Make Meaningful Connections

Facebook ads, even more than Facebook posts, can connect with family healthcare decision makers at a critical time and help drive family/self referrals. Learn how you can put the power of Facebook to work for your hospice.

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“Improving Patient Satisfaction Through Engaged Employees” – Cost $99

“Branding your Continuum of Care” – Cost $99

“Effective Hospice Marketing” – Free Recording

“Cutting Through to Hospital C-Suites for Increased Hospice Referrals” – Cost $99

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