Integrated Hospice Marketing Results Case Study

A 9% Spike in Family/Self Referral Admissions Sets Hospice of Northwest Ohio on an Accelerated Growth Trajectory

The Challenge

In an effort to increase ADC and LOS, Hospice of Northwest Ohio launched aggressive business initiatives in 2015. As part of their overall annual strategy, they called upon Transcend Hospice Marketing Group. They requested a bold marketing communications approach designed to reach patients and families at the “tipping point,” where they balanced between decisions about what to do as they neared death.

The hospice marketing challenge? Bring to the forefront the decision-making stage of family and self referrers by:

  • Leveraging consistent brand messaging across all platforms.
  • Positioning Hospice of Northwest Ohio as the most experienced, knowledgeable and best choice for both palliative and hospice care in the area.
  • Penetrating additional market channels with bold messaging to meet family healthcare decision makers’ needs and reach Hospice of Northwest Ohio’s business goals.

The Solution

Transcend Hospice Marketing Group strategized and executed:

  • An integrated family and self referrer campaign with six creative executions for television, print, digital ads, Facebook ads and digital outdoor. Messaging reflected the emotionally compelling balance between despair and hope while making clear the overall brand.
  • Results-oriented metrics analysis to evolve understanding and execution of messages that compassionately resonated with family and self referral audiences and stages of their hospice decision making journey.

The Results

“The noticeable thing was the spike in self-referrals that occurred immediately after the campaign started running. We (previously) averaged 40 self-referred admissions per month during Q1, and then – after the campaign started in the spring – we averaged:

  • 49 per month in Q2 (26% of admissions)
  • 51 per month in Q3 (27% of admissions)
  • “We dropped to an average of 45 per month in Q4 but, our highest single month was October, when we had 54 self-referred admits, which was 30% of all admissions.”

– Judy Lang, Director of Communications, Hospice of Northwest Ohio

Qualitative and quantitative results achieved through client’s overall business strategy and tactics that included the integrated campaign:

  • Instrumental, along with client’s key external communication tactics and internal business initiatives, in increasing Hospice ADC from 349 in 2014 to 397 in 2015
  • LOS grew from 62 in 2015 to 67.5 in 2015

Direct integrated hospice campaign results:

  • Benchmarked 1M impressions and 26K clicks through to digital campaign
  • Drove caregiver and patient Facebook awareness, consideration and engagement as evidenced by:
    • 2,379 post Likes bench mark
    • 260 new Facebook page Likes, an approximately 9% increase
  • Established digital presence and benchmarks for 2016
  • Defined 2016 strategy to create owned content that connects to Hospice of Northwest Ohio’s ideal customers’ hospice and palliative care decision making journeys
  • Received positive community feedback of marketing campaign
  • Heard glowing board reviews of hospice and palliative care marketing

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About Hospice of Northwest Ohio

Hospice of Northwest Ohio is the Toledo area’s largest provider of hospice care. A non-profit, community-based organization since 1981, it’s the only local agency solely dedicated to caring for the terminally ill. In 2014, Hospice of Northwest Ohio served nearly 2,600 patients and their families in their own homes, in nursing homes and at freestanding hospice centers.

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