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Increase Family/Self Referrals by Creating a Website That’s the Hub of Your Hospice Communications

Your hospice and palliative care website is the center of your marketing efforts − so make it a great one! Create a communication hub that succinctly and creatively connects your audience to the care for their emotional, spiritual and physical end-of-life needs. Continuously demonstrate your dedication to benefiting your patients and families by monitoring and improving your website so it can become a family’s go-to resource for information, education and support.

3 out of 4 consumers* searching online for healthcare information are age 50+, the age of most family healthcare decision makers considering hospice.
*Health Fact Sheet from the Pew Research Center Internet Project

Transcend’s approach is based on our passion for promoting hospice care with dignity and our genuine understanding of your patients and families. We know that a clear picture of your audience’s mindsets and tipping points when they’re facing a loved-one’s death is key to inform targeted messages that cut through the clutter and compel people to choose hospice – and choose your hospice.

As part of an integrated hospice and palliative care marketing strategy, your website can help you:

  • Build your audience
  • Generate and nurture discussions with potential patients
  • Position you as your area’s hospice and palliative care authority
  • Generate data to measure your current hospice marketing campaigns
  • Drive family/self referrer action to contact you

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“To be effective, marketing messages must be created from the target audience’s perspective. We apply insights from our vast research with family healthcare decision makers and caregivers to create messages that resonate, reach the audience at a time that’s relevant and amplify your brand in meaningful ways.”

Stan Massey, Partner/Chief Branding Officer,
Transcend Hospice Marketing Group

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