Hospice Referral Development

Uncover Greater Opportunities for More People to Experience a Good Death

Grounded in our passionate commitment to every person’s right to a dignified death paired with our dedicated focus on high-value research, we help you more effectively connect to key audiences through our integrated hospice marketing approach. Our deep understanding of your referrer audiences allows us to help you create essential messaging that compels key decision makers to pick you for understanding, expert end-of-life and advanced illness experiences.

Family/Self Referrers. Our high-value research shows about 2/3 of consumers don’t know they can refer themselves or a family member to hospice. We help you reach patients and families where and when it matters most.


Clients who use our integrated marketing approach see family/self referrals represent 18% to 25% of their total hospice referrals compared to the 10.4% national average. In addition, their stays are 7 to 10 days longer than all other hospice referral segments. That means, by focusing on family/self referrals, more patients and families can experience a dignified death – ideally with your hospice.

See the more results of targeting family/self referrers.


Healthcare Referrers. Understand the distinct needs of healthcare referrers, including:

  • C-suite hospital administrators
  • Physicians
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Management
  • Managed Care Organization (MCO) Management
  • Hospitalists and more

Position your hospice and palliative care organization for growth. We partner with you to establish solutions and benefits-focused hospice marketing strategies to:

  • Get the meeting
  • Bring the right people to the table
  • Deliver relevant messages
  • Increase your hospice and palliative care referrals
  • Reach more people with your hospice mission

Discover why we’re the hospice and palliative care marketing partner for you.



Why Is It Important to Educate Family/Self Referrers?

About 80% of consumers strongly agree the patient/family should choose their hospice.

About 85% say they would call a hospice provider in person.

Yet, over 40% say they would wait for a doctor to tell them to call.

Plant the seed and gain ground with family/self referrers. We show you how.

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