Hospice Public Relations

Engage Your Community by Establishing Your Hospice and Palliative Care Thought Leadership

Connect your organization to overwhelmingly positive stories about hospice and palliative care. Be a part of the national conversation that centers on affirmative end-of-life messages to strategically engage and build relationships in your community.

Public relations is so much more than press releases – it’s your opportunity to build relationships within your local community.

Build relationships with the media and become the go-to resource in your community for end-of-life information. Be the thought leader on national stories as they emerge. Lead the conversations promoting a good death.

Transcend’s highly collaborative hospice marketing and public relations team stands behind your mission. We can help you establish those media relationships and build that third-party credibility to capture your community’s attention and educate them on the true facts of hospice and palliative care – leading to positive business results for you.

Aware of trending end-of-life issues that affect your hospice organization? Read Transcend’s blog now.


Martha Vetter

“Now is the time to have real conversations about end of life. About dying. It’s time to truly change the dialogue, take off the blinders and the kid-gloves. It’s time to get real. Then, we can truly make a difference. And not until then.

Martha Vetter, Founder/CEO,
Transcend Hospice Marketing Group

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