Internal Hospice Organization Communications

Your Team Brings Your Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s Brand to Life

Your staff, volunteers and your board members are your best ambassadors − they know first-hand the expert, considerate care you provide to people with advanced illnesses or at the end of their lives. Continue to build their loyalty with your hospice marketing communications. They can, in turn, act as powerful promoters for your hospice and palliative care mission in your community.

Does your team have the tools and training they need to represent your brand in a focused and consistent way?

Gauge how well your current internal communication methods are resonating with your hospice and palliative care team. As passionate hospice mission promoters ourselves, we can conduct a meaningful internal communications audit, and then use the results to improve connections and engagement for all your vital initiatives, including marketing.

  • Develop a short list of key messages
  • Craft an effective “elevator speech”
  • Construct strategic tools and training

Equip your team with what they need to live your brand with consistency, brevity and repetition.

Get your team on board! Contact us today.


“From research to creativity, all of Transcend’s team was delightful to work with. Their professionalism, introspection into our hospice world, work ethic and products are completely satisfying. They even make it fun!”

Tim Cox, Chief Executive Officer,
The Washington Home and Community Hospices

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