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Increase Your ROI by Reaching Your Family Healthcare Decision Makers

You know there are many more people who could benefit from your compassionate, expert care at the end of their lives. To reach them, you’re looking to explore new opportunities − opportunities that also support your growth. The value of targeting your family and self referrers is proven and is the cornerstone of our unique approach that blends creativity, insight, expertise and passion for bringing end-of-life conversations out of the shadows.

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To reach the people who need your care the most, our innovative approach to hospice and palliative care marketing is defined, collaborative and comprehensive. Guided by The 10 Steps for Effective Hospice Marketing™, our method integrates services spanning from assessment to implementation and mobilizes family and self referrers with storytelling that connects to their emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

The 10 Steps for Effective Hospice Marketing: Your Bird’s Eye View

  1. Research. Researching potential patients and referrers in your specific service area is essential.
  2. Analyze. “Connect the dots” and understand what the data implies.
  3. Strategize. A powerful strategy will encompass specifically who you need to address, what messages to deliver to each audience, where to connect with them, when they may be most receptive to your message, how to reach each audience cost-effectively, and why your approach is likely to evoke the positive responses you seek.
  4. Prioritize. Research data can help tremendously in qualifying which topics need to be addressed first.
  5. Verbalize. A crucial factor in this process – one that many hospices overlook – is in stating those messages from the audience’s perspective.
  6. Personalize. As competition continues to heat up in the hospice arena, you’ll want to distinguish your organization from other hospice programs.
  7. Distribute. A strategic media plan is essential to making sure that a vast majority of your key audiences not only sees and hears your messages, but does so frequently.
  8. Internalize. Outward marketing efforts will be exponentially more successful when it’s backed by strong internal support.
  9. Evaluate. At defined intervals, the results of your marketing plan should be measured to see how you’re progressing
  10. Repeat.

Our Family/Self Referral Results

  • Our clients’ family/self referrals represent 18% to 25% of total hospice referrals. (National average: 10.4%)
  • Our client family/self admissions average a 7 to 10 days longer length of stay than all other hospice referral segments.

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“We interviewed several firms and chose Transcend because they stood out as a group of seasoned professionals. Unlike other firms, they fully understood the unique challenges and nuances of promoting hospice and palliative services.”

Susan de Cuba, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Treasure Coast Hospice

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